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The hirer agrees to:

* email a copy of their current public liability insurance to photo-locations ( please ask your insurers to forward this to us if you dont have a copy)

*pay Photo-locations for the full fee on or before the first day of the shoot plus VAT @ the current rate where applicable.

( unless they are an account customer )

* pay Photo-locations the respective booking fee, as outlined below:

* Editorial and portfolio: £100 + VAT

* Web, brochure, advertorial, packaging, POS and PR: £125 + VAT

* Advertising, small video and photo libraries: £150 + VAT

* Film, TV and music videos: £200 + VAT

* enter the location at 9am and leave at 6pm unless by prior arrangement.

* remove all their equipment and replace the owners objects by the end of the shoot.

* inform photo-locations of the final use for the images taken at the location as specified in the location agreement and defined below

"Portfolio use" means images used solely for personal promotion within the creative industry.

"Editorial use" means images used solely for publicaton for news and informative purposes and not for commercial promotion or advertising.

The hirer understands that:

* the Hirer will make good or pay for any damage or loss to the owners property resulting from the shoot.

* overtime will be charged at the hourly rate plus 25%

* the owner is not liable for loss or damage to props delivered prior to or collected after the shoot.

* cancellation fees will be charged at the following rates: Within 24hrs, 100%. Within 48 hrs 50%. within 72hrs 25%.

* they will be liable for the booking fee once they have confirmed the shoot and the contract has been prepared.


* When you have found the properties you are interested in please email bay@photo-locations.com with your potential shoot dates and

   phone 020 7386 5999 or  07734 800 464 to make sure we have received it.

* Bay or Maria will organise a visit to the locations of your choice should a recce be required at no extra charge.

* On completion of the booking form and receipts of your insurance documents, we will draw up a contract between you the hirer and the owner.

* We will send you and the owner copies of this contract (as a PDF) which you will both print, sign and retain.

* Take your copy to the location on the first day of the shoot where the owner will sign it before the shoot begins.

* The owner will then ask you to sign their copy which they in turn will retain.

Please note we do not accept credit cards

To confirm your shoot please fill in a short form outlining your shoot details