Deerhurst Road Shoot Location had to obtain specific planning permission from Lambeth Council for shoots.  If you break the rules, I get shut down.  Please read and make sure everyone on your job knows what they are.  Thank you.



Condition for use


Hours of use:  8.30-5.30

No-one, including equipment trucks can arrive before 830am and everyone and all vehicles must be gone by 530pm.  Please make sure your equipment drivers know not to arrive near the street until 830am and everyone including all crew and equipment must be gone by 5.30pm.

Maximum of 15 people


No Parking on Deerhurst Road

No parking except for unloading/reloading directly outside the house.


All vehicles can be parked on Hill House Road - on the Right hand side as you go up the hill, between Deerhurst Road and Minehead road.

Taxi drop off and pick up

Please order your taxi pick up for 515 and to be picked up on Hill House Road, not Deerhurst Road.

No external activity on the street at all

No smoking, no photography or filming on the street. 

1000 fine if anyone does (sorry - but I get closed down if you do.  I have neighbours watching and shoots keep on smoking/filming on the street)

Registration of Cars

All shoot vehicles must give in their registration to avoid confusion with neighbours

Deliveries:  must be after 8.30am and before 5.30pm

Deliveries can unload/reload outside the house. Please order your equipment pick up for 5pm

Pavement must be kept clear at all times

If you need to store anything for loading/unloading, leave it in front of the garage.  Never block the pavement.

Rubbish:  must be removed from the house

No rubbish associated with the shoot can be put into the bins.  All rubbish must be removed at the end of the day.

No equipment outside the house or on the pavement

No generators, no light cranes, no outside lighting is allowed at all.

A named representative responsible for the conditions must be on site all day

Please supply the name and mobile of the producer on the day.